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HDP - High Definition Porcelain Tiles
Save money with Porcelain Hardwood Tiles.  Hardwood Tiles are more durable than a wood floor, and they require less maintenance. 

There are many colors and variations of wood tiles to choose from. Available in Oak, Maple, Hickory, Olive, and Walnut. Take one look at the Berkshire Series of Wood Tile and you’ll be amazed that you’ve never seen anything look so real in a manufactured product.  High definition porcelain HDP, utilizes a digital printing technology to reproduce the look of real hardwood.  This new technology in resolution and pattern variation has created a porcelain tile that is virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood.

Visit our hardwood flooring Eugene display with our porcelain tile hardwood floors alternative at our Eugene Tile Store today and see for yourself how real and amazing this product is.  Check out samples to help your selection. 

Save money with our wholesale pricing, and additional savings of 10% with our online Eugene tile coupon today.

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