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Tile Supplies and Accessories

Eugene Tile SuppliesTiling is not difficult to do, providing you have the right tools and materials for the job. However, while tiles and materials are pretty standard, they do depend on the type of tiles you are going to be working with, as well as the tiling technique you are going to use.

Materials for Tiling
Presuming you are laying tiles on a smooth surface that has already been prepared, all you will need is the mortar (cement and suitable building sand mixed with sufficient water to make it pliable) or tile adhesive, and the grout that fills the gaps (however small this is) between the tiles. Generally a slushy mortar mix is often used if the tiles have been laid in mortar, alternatively if the tiles are for a patio area, a grout that contains latex is a good option.

Tools for Tiling
Whichever technique or method you are going to use, you will need basic tools to lay out the tiles; specifically a good quality retractable steel tape measure and a builder’s square. A straight-edged length of timber or steel is useful to keep the tiles lined up. When tiling walls, you work from the floor upwards; if the floor isn’t level, nail a batten into the wall at the base, and work upwards from there.

If using mortar you will need a trowel, or if using adhesive, a notched tiling trowel that creates ridges in the adhesive for maximum adhesion. Spacers are useful for ensuring there is an even gap for grouting; and to apply the grout, you’ll need a grouting tool (plastic or rubber)to spread it over the surface and work it into the joints.
Invariably there’ll be some cutting to do as well; a tile-cutting machine is perfect for thinner tiles, but you’ll need an angle grinder if working with stone or terracotta tiles.

Make sure you have all the tools and materials you need before you start work, and work systematically, only mixing and spreading as much adhesive as you will be able to use within about an hour.

Tile Accessories
Some popular tile accessories include underfloor heating common for bathrooms or kitchens. This is a floor heating system to warm any floor, even showers and is installed under your tile surface. Underlayment is needed for all tile installations. Sealers are used for some applications.

Eugene Tile Installation
If your having trouble, or need guidance installing your tile in Eugene, call us and we'll be glad to help. We can refer you to some of the most experienced and affordable tile installers in Eugene Oregon.

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